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Junior 2 – Wednesday is no homework day

4 Oct

Dear Junior 2s,

Wednesday is no homework day for Maltese as well. On Wednesdays, we learn new vocabulary related to a theme, do the dictation and book rotation. Usually, I ask the children to stick or draw some pictures on the vocabulary copybook, which I don’t expect them to be ready by Thursday. But please make sure that by Monday (of the following week) all the vocabulary copybooks will be put in the Maltese box. 

Please do not hesitate to post any queries or suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,

Ms Josepha

After-School Programme and Kids’ Club for the 1st term

27 Sep


Dear Parents/Guardians,

St. Catherine’s High School proudly announces its After-School Programme and Kids’ Club for the 1st term. 
Attached please find the Application Form which contains all the necessary information and which has also been circulated via email together with any related flyers.  Alternatively you can read more by visiting our website page on

Kindly note that the After-School programme will start as of October 3rd except for some of the activities. Session dates will be announced in the acknowledgement letter which will be given upon registration and payment. As much as possible activities will be held on the specified day of the week; however, in the case of those dates which clash with events scheduled in the School Calendar or with public/national/school holidays, we will find an alternative day.

Places for each activity are limited and so registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Parents/Guardians are therefore encouraged to pay for the 3 Terms at one go now.
Please fill in the registration slip below, using a separate slip for each different activity, and submit it to me together with the payment. The deadline for registrations is Monday 3rd October.

Thank you.

Brian Gauci
School Coordinator

Il-lezzjonijiet skont il-ġranet

26 Sep

Dan huwa orarju ta’ kif se jkunu mqassmin il-lezzjonijiet matul il-ġimgħa. Nispera li ssibuh t’għajnuna.


Ms Josepha


Book Rotation

25 Sep

Dear Junior 2s, Junior3s and Junior 4s,

Most of you agree that reading is the medicine for improving one’s language skills. There are children who are born with the love for books and others need some more pushing. As a Maltese teacher, I feel that it is my job to instill this love for reading in the children and to promote reading in Maltese as to enrich knowledge of vocubulary. As to reach this objective, this year I will be introducing book rotation during the Maltese class.

How does book rotation work?

Each student will buy a book which has to be covered in plastic and labelled with the student’s name and class. In the first week, each student will read his/her own book. On Wednesdays, the books have to be put in the box labelled ‘Librerija’ which will be found in the classroom and then exchanged during class. The children will have a whole week to read the book. On each book I will stick a card on which I will write the name of the student who read the book.

How can you help me make this book rotation work?

All the students in each class need to have a different book and so you will need to purchase one. Please find hereunder a list of books together with your child’s name. All the books in the list cost less than €5. These lists of books are reserved for us at Sierra Bookshops, Santa Venera.

(If you manage to find a copy of the new Yellow Pages, you will find a voucher of 20% off which can be used for purchasing this book).

Ideally, the book will be bought and read by your child by Wednesday, 5th October. This means that on Wednesday, 5th October, we will have the first book rotation.

Book rotation is going to be part of the children’s homework, so I encourage you to supervise your children while reading and you may even want to use an index book in which you will write the new words. I will also be asking the children to present a 5-minutes-presentation about something they liked about the book; a character or an event in the story. This will help in practising some Maltese speaking and promoting the book thus making the child look forward to reading it. (The children will be notified when it’s their turn.)


Booklist (found at Sierra Bookshop)

Booklist Junior 2:

Booklist Junior3:

Booklist Junior 4:

Please do not hesitate to post a message on the blog if you have any suggestions or queries.

I would appreciate your cooperation.

Thanks and Regards,

Ms Josepha:)

Junior 2 – Welcome to the Maltese Class

13 Sep

Dear Junior 2s,

First of all WELCOME to Junior 2.  I am very looking forward to meeting you all and to embark on this educational journey. Please find hereunder a power point presentation which will explain briefly the topics we will be tackling in the first semester and some of my objectives for this scholastic year.


Thanks and Regards,

Ms Josepha


12 Jul

Għeżież studenti,

Kif intom? Nispera li qed tieħdu gost fil-vaganzi. Minjaf kemm qed toħorġu u żżuru postijiet differenti. Naħseb li qed tmorru tgħumu spiss għax qed tagħmel ħafna sħana.

 Tinsewx tilbsu l-beritta u tagħmlu l-krema prottettiva meta tmorru l-baħar u oqogħdu attenti għal xi brama!

Nieħu gost jekk tiktbuli kif qed tqattgħu l-vaganzi tas-sajf bil-Malti.



Ms Josepha

Recommended Reading List for Junior 2, 3, 4 and 5.

28 Jun

Għeżież Tfal,

Dan is-sajf tinsewx lill-akbar ħabib tagħkom il-ktieb. Dan iħobb jiġi magħkom kullimkien: ħdejn il-baħar, fuq l-arjuplan, fil-kampanja… Għalhekk hawn taħt għandkom issibu lista ta’ kotba li tistgħu taqraw dan is-sajf.

Ħudu gost aqraw u l-vaganzi t-tajba,

Ms Josepha:)

Recommended Reading List – Junior 1/2

 Il-Libsa ta’ Sina ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Iż-Żarbun li Jtir ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Ix-xita tal-Istilel ta’ Trevor Żahra.

It-Toqba tal-Ġurdien ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Robi r-robot ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Borma Minestra ta’ Trevor Zahra.

Pina Taħt is-Sufan ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Prinċipessa ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Buxu jħossu waħda ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Buxu joħlom ikrah ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Buxu jmur il-baħar ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Buxu jibdel il-kulur ta’ Natalie Portelli.

buxu ma jmurx skola ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Buxu u l-ħasla ħwejjeġ ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Il-fatatini tal-bżieżaq – Ktieb tal-but ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Is-serqa taċ-ċertifikat – Ktieb tal-but ta’ Natalie Portelli.

It-tifla xagħarha twil – Ktieb tal-but ta’ Natalie Portelli.


Recommended Reading List – Junior 2/3

Bidù Jħobb Idur ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Lulu ssib ħabib ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Pespes il-fellus kurjuż ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Loni l-poni jdur idur ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Tina tikkombina ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Lilla Mormija Barra ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Flip il-Qattusa tal-Iskipp ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Mejċa Mitlufa ta’ Natalie Portelli.


Recommended Reading List – Junior 3/4

 Is-Sigriet tas-senduq tan-nannu ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Ħrejjef ħelwin għat-tfal Maltin ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Il-Qattus Kurjuż ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Ir-Rota ta’ Darren ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Pinu l-Papru ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Żaren iż-Żrinġ ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Il-Fatatina tal-istaġuni ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Il-Ħalliel tal-ħelu ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Bidù Jħobb Idur ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Lulu ssib ħabib ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Pespes il-fellus kurjuż ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Loni l-poni jdur idur ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Tina tikkombina ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Lilla Mormija Barra ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Flip il-Qattusa tal-Iskipp ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Ħrejjef Popolari bil-Malti ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Peprinu jsib is-Sieħba ta’ Mary Puli.

Peprinu u Peprina jiġu Malta ta’ Mary Puli.

Xogħol fid-dar ta’ Trevor Żahra.

L-Annimali Madwarna ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Festi u Ġrajjiet ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Nies Ħbieb tagħna ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Postijiet Sbieħ ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Kieku Kieku ta’ Trevor Żahra.

‘Il Bogħod mill-Ħabs ta’ Trevor Żahra.


Recommended Reading List – Junior 4/5

Il-misteru tal-Palazz Viella ta’ Natalie Portelli.

L-Eremita ta’ Wied Żnuber ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Iż-Żarbun l-Imtaqqab ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Tik Tok, L-arloġġ imsaħħar ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Il-Bosk l-Inkantat ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Ix-Xitla tax-xewqat ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Il-Messaġġ sigriet ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Il-ktieb tal-Avventuri u ħrejjef oħra ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Il-Prinċpijiet Imqarba ta’ Natalie Portelli.

Meta Jaqa’ ċ-Ċpar ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Il-Kaxxa taz-Ziju ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Il-Praspar kollha ta’ Kunċett u Marinton ta’ Trevor Żahra.

Il-praspar ta’ Ġanninu ta’ Jean Pierre Mifsud.

Il-Maġija ta’ Grejon il-boska maġiku ta’ Gloria Abela.

Is-sensiela ta’ Jake Cassar u r-Renju Udit ta’ Clare Azzopardi


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