Scientists of the week junior 3

19 Nov

The next session for the scientists’ of the week will be on the 29th of November since due to other school activities, we have missed some lessons and we need to catch up. I will be introducing the topic “light” which is the topic that the scientists need to work on.

So next Friday will be a normal science lesson.

Ms Josepha


13 Aug

This blog will no longer be used. I have created a new one which is: Please subscribe in my new blog.

Hope you’re enjoying your holidays,
Ms Josepha

Thanks to junior 4 and j5

27 Jun

Dear j4s,

Thanks so much for the gift as well as for appreciating my work. I am going to miss you all. It was my last year teaching you Maltese; it has been a great experience teaching you and seeing you grow and observing your progress in the past 3 years. I learnt a lot from you!

Happy holidays,
Ms Josepha

Dear j5 parents and students,

Thanks for the gift and for appreciating my work. Happy holidays to you all:)

Ms Josepha xxxx

Tomorrow last day of school

25 Jun

J3 to J6 are to come wearing casual clothing.

Please return any library books you have borrowed from the school library.

Let’s party tomorrow… I have mixed feelings! In a way we need some time to relax but on the other hand I’m going to miss you… You kids keep me going:)

Happy holidays xx

Thank you so much

24 Jun

Dear parents of j3a and j3b,

I would like to thank you for being there during the year with great cooperation and support. I also thank you for understanding my stress and being there for me always willing to help. I must admit having such a big class this year was difficult to deal with and wouldn’t have managed through on my own, without the j3 team of excellent teachers and your cooperation.

I thank you for appreciating my work and for the wonderful gift.

Have a great summer,
Ms Josepha xxx



J4 exam

19 Jun

Please note that tomorrow junior 4s have comprehension and grammar then on Friday they have the composition and some more grammar:)

Ms Josepha


19 Jun

Dear j3 parents,

Please send in an enclosed envelope Euro2.50 to hire the graduation gown which were purposely made for the junior 3s. It’s going to be a memorable experience for the kids.

Can’t wait:)
Ms Josepha xx


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